Hanging Methods

The majority of our products have built-in mounting holes for screw placement. (hardware sold separately)

Magnetic Wall Hangers
Mounting magnets are extremely durable indoors or outdoors where your piece may have a tendency to blow around or get knocked off a nail or screw. Just screw the magnet in and just touch the metal decor to the magnet for a secure long lasting hold.

Sign Standoffs

Standoffs are used to create a three-dimensional sign display without the use of a frame. 

Screws with matching Screw Caps
This is the most common hanging method. Most customers choose to use nails, screws, and even tacks at the point(s) in the piece that will hang the piece level. We recommend using screws or mounting magnets when hanging outside for a more secure mount (some customers choose to drill holes in their piece to help with this).

    Vinyl Siding Clip
    Simply slide onto your vinyl siding, and these strong clips will hold your wall art firmly in place for the most seamless way to display your favorite In Raging Designs pieces!
      Monkey Hooks (Flush Mount) 
      Monkey Hooks is a lightweight and strong steel wire that enables you to hang your piece of up to 50 lbs. securely to a wall. It takes seconds install and requires no use of tools!
        Double Sided Adhesive Mounting Tape
        Double sided mounting tape is quick and easy. However, we recommend this option as a last resort to the above two options. This double sided tape can permanently bond your piece to any rough or smooth surface