Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At In Raging Designs, safeguarding your private information is our utmost priority. In this Privacy Policy, "this website" refers to In Raging Designs.

This Privacy Policy is subject to modification by In Raging Designs (hereinafter "Company") at any time and at our discretion. Changes will be made without notice by updating this posting. By utilizing this website, you acknowledge and accept the privacy practices outlined in this Privacy Policy. We encourage you to periodically review the Privacy Policy each time you visit the website to ensure a clear understanding of how any personal information you provide will be utilized.

Key Points:

  1. Changes to Privacy Policy: This Privacy Policy may be updated or modified at any time without prior notice. It is recommended to review the policy regularly for awareness of how your personal information is handled.
  2. Acceptance of Privacy Practices: Your use of this website implies your acceptance of the privacy practices detailed in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with any aspect of the policy, we advise refraining from using the website.
  3. Information Collection and Use: Information collected on this website is used to enhance user experience, provide requested services, and improve our offerings. We are committed to treating your personal information with the utmost confidentiality.
  4. Contact Information: For any queries or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us at


Information We Collect

At In Raging Designs, we prioritize the security and confidentiality of your information. This section outlines the types of information we collect, how it is used, and the measures we take to ensure your privacy.

  1. Personally Identifiable Information: We collect personal information, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and, in some cases, credit card information. This information is voluntarily submitted by visitors to facilitate services, product deliveries, compliance verification, content improvement, and communication related to website usage or products.
  2. Usage Purposes:
    • Delivering requested products and services.
    • Validating compliance with terms and conditions.
    • Enhancing content and gathering feedback.
    • Contacting users when necessary.
  3. Disclosure: Personally identifiable information may be disclosed with user permission or in special circumstances, such as legal requirements.
  4. Surveys: Periodic surveys are conducted to improve products and services. 
  5. Email Communication: By submitting your email, you agree to receive information on products, services, and related third-party offers. Users can opt-out anytime using provided links in emails.
    • Custom Audience Targeting: Submitted email addresses may be used for custom audience targeting on platforms like Facebook.
    • Telemarketing: Telephone contact information submission may be considered a purchase or inquiry, subject to telemarketing regulations.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information: Various non-personally identifiable information is collected for a better user experience, site activity measurement, and aggregate data compilation.

  • Examples: Cookies, session logs, web beacons, GIF/pixel tags, banner ads, and third-party analytics tools.
  • Cookies: Text files stored by your browser to enhance user experience. Users can configure browsers to reject cookies, but this may limit site access. 
  • Email Metrics: Emails may use web beacons or pixel tags for metrics like open rates and device types.
  • Integration with Third-Party Sites: Users with open IDs (e.g., Facebook) may share and integrate data. Aggregate data may be tracked.
  • Advertising and Analytics: Third-party partners may collect information for advertising customization and analytics. We do not currently respond to undefined "Do Not Track" signals.
  • Opting Out: Users have the option to configure web browsers not to accept cookies. However, this may limit access to certain functions or services.


Third-Party Actions

At In Raging Designs, we want to ensure transparency and make it clear that we do not have control over nor are liable for the actions of any third parties we may promote. While we strive to collaborate with reputable and quality companies, it's important to note that we cannot govern the actions of these third parties.

Key Points:

  1. Limited Control: We do not have control over the actions or operations of third parties promoted on our platform.
  2. Quality Assurance: While we carefully select and collaborate with quality companies, we do not bear liability for any issues arising from the actions of these third parties.
  3. User Feedback: We welcome and encourage feedback from users about their experiences with third parties. Your insights help us enhance our services and ensure a positive experience for all customers.
  4. Continuous Improvement: Your feedback plays a crucial role in our ongoing efforts to improve our collaborations and services. Feel free to share your experiences to contribute to our commitment to quality.



At In Raging Designs, we utilize cookies to tailor content specific to your interests and enhance your overall user experience. Cookies are text files stored by your computer's web browser, allowing us to understand your preferences and provide content that aligns with your interests.

Key Points:

  1. Tailored Content: Cookies enable us to deliver content that is personalized and relevant to your specific interests.
  2. Preferences Storage: These text files, stored by your web browser, retain your preferences, contributing to an improved user experience on our website.
  3. Enhanced User Experience: By utilizing cookies, we aim to enhance your overall experience with our website, providing a seamless and personalized interaction.

Note: Users have the option to configure their web browsers to reject cookies. However, it's important to be aware that disabling cookies may limit access to certain functions or services on our website.


IP Addresses

At In Raging Designs, we may utilize your IP address for various purposes aimed at enhancing your online experience and maintaining the integrity of our services. Here's how we may use your IP address:

Key Purposes:

  1. Fraud Prevention: Your IP address may be used as a measure to help prevent fraud, ensuring the security of our platform and protecting users.
  2. Server Diagnosis: In diagnosing server-related issues, we may analyze IP addresses to identify and address any problems that may arise.
  3. Demographic Information: Aggregated data derived from IP addresses can provide broad demographic insights, helping us understand the diversity of our user base.
  4. Product and Service Offers: We may use IP addresses to offer you relevant products and services that align with your interests and preferences.

Privacy Assurance: While we utilize IP addresses for these purposes, it's important to note that we are committed to safeguarding your privacy. We do not compromise the confidentiality of your personal information.

Opting Out: Users have the option to configure their web browsers to restrict the sharing of IP addresses. However, this may impact certain functionalities or services on our website.

Third-Party Websites

In Raging Designs may direct you to websites owned and/or controlled by third parties. It's important to note that we do not have control over these third parties, and their content or privacy practices are beyond our responsibility.

Key Points:

  1. Lack of Control: We do not control or have influence over the content or privacy practices of third-party websites linked to from this website or associated products/services.
  2. Data Security Measures: All information collected from users is stored in a secure environment, both technically and physically. SSL encryption is employed to protect sensitive information online.
  3. Limitations of Internet Security: While we take reasonable measures to protect user information, it's essential to recognize that no Internet transmission can be guaranteed 100% secure. Users transmit information to us at their own risk.

Data Security Measures:

  • All collected information is stored in a secure environment, both technically and physically.
  • SSL encryption is utilized for online protection of sensitive information.

Internet Transmission Risk:

  • While reasonable security measures are in place, the inherent nature of Internet transmissions implies a level of risk.
  • Users transmit information to In Raging Designs at their own risk.


By subscribing to In Raging Designs text notifications, you are agreeing to receive automated marketing text messages regarding our products and services. These messages will be sent to the phone number you provided during the subscription process. The messages may be delivered through an automatic telephone dialing system or other technology.

Key Points:

  1. Message Frequency: Message frequency is recurring as part of our marketing communication.
  2. Consent Acknowledgment: Your consent to receive these messages is not a condition of purchase.
  3. Message and Data Rates: Standard message and data rates may apply for receiving these text messages.
  4. Opting Out: To opt-out, reply with any of the following commands: STOP, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, or QUIT. For customer support, reply with HELP. Opting out may result in an additional text message confirming your decision.
  5. Opt-Out Methods: It is acknowledged that attempting to opt-out through means other than texting the specified opt-out commands is not considered a reasonable means of opting out.

We value your choice to receive our text notifications and want to ensure that you have control over your communication preferences.